Welcome to Metrowest Clinical Collaborative (MCC)


Getting Started

The process of self-compassion and discovery can begin at any time. MCC is passionate about supporting people as they search for their path to that reality.



At MCC we believe that strong connection fosters empowerment and growth for any individual. We work hard to ensure that meetings are safe, healthy, and most of all healing.


Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Find ways to better understand yourself and your emotional process. Commit to the process of counseling and you give yourself the possibility of not just surviving but thriving!


Nutrition Therapy

Let us help you navigate the confusing world of nutrition. We support and guide clients as they find a way of eating that allows you to optimize your health and attain maintainable change.



Our multi-disciplinary practitioners provide clinical assessment and consultations for individuals, families, or community-based organizations state-wide.

Jennifer [Rego] was my direct supervisor during a nine month master's internship at Walden Behavioral Care. Jen has a passion for supervising students that showed through clearly during the time I worked with her. Over the course of nine months she helped me develop as a clinician through constant support, encouragement, and a few well-balanced pushes beyond my comfort zone. As her student I appreciated that she saw supervision as a collaboration between student and supervisor. Rather than tell me how I should treat clients based on her framework as a clinician, she always listened to my goals and values, and made me feel like my ideas were worth pursuing. Jen is an incredibly supportive supervisor, and she continues to be a clinician whose unconditional regard for clients I admire and respect. She would make an excellent addition to any team looking for someone who is passionate about training a new generation of clinicians.
Meghan Brown